Maintenance and Optimisation Service

Just like your vehicle, your computer is a finely tuned machine that needs regular maintenance to keep it in good working order.

Our system optimisation service includes running several utilities to clean your machine, removal of unnecessary programs, delete unwanted files and defrag your hard drive.

If required we will discuss a memoryWindows Vista and Windows 7 use more memory if it is available and your system performance will improve significantly because of it.

With memory prices as low as they are we would strongly recommend that you get the most memory you can afford as it will have the strongest impact on the systems performance.

upgrade and if agreed, we will charge for the memory but will install memory as part of the service fee... This will aid in making your system run faster.

Service consists of the following procedures:

  • We will ensure that your system is secure with the latest antivirus definitions
  • Check for spyware, trojans and viruses that may have gone by undetected
  • Remove unnecessary programs and files to free up system resources
  • Analyse your computer’s start up processes to see it can be sped up
  • Remove temporary files to free up hard drive space
  • Remove dust build-up from inside the computer case
  • Schedule a defrag of your hard drive
Our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee If we can't complete the job you pay nothing


Note: This service covers the above procedures and is labour only at the fixed rate regardless of how long it takes.

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